K.I.N.G Kronos

Question The Kro (Ask Me Anything)  

K.I.N.G Kronos & Reakt 20 combine to drop “Take-2”!! Produced by the White Shadow
[DJ Fusion Version]

Madison Hip-Hop Awards Last Day To Vote!!

This is the last day to vote for me in the Madison Hip-Hop Awards!!. I’m nominated in 4 categories:

Radio Personality Of The Year: K.I.N.G Kronos
Collab Of The Year: Bang, Bang Shoot Em Up (with Tef ManCory Park and DLO The Iceman/ Kenya

tta Thomas

Music Video Of The Year: Brighter Pasture (Directed by Blacklight)
and Mixtape Of The Year: 
Rings Of Saturn Volume #1: Tangible Metaphysics

If you’ve already voted I thank you deeply, if you voted in round 1 to help get me to this point the loves the same. If you haven’t got around to it yet and planned to this is the last day and I appreciate all support I can get! Doesn’t take long at all, just need an e-mail and if you need any help or want my endorsements for the rest of the ballot feel free to shoot me a message! Once again thanks for all the support!


Something nasty on the mic

Get your Mindz in Synch with Kro & Crew. Excellent interview that touches on a range of topics.

New collab with the homie Sphinx off the 2nd Sync Mindz release - Perpetual Culmination of Seasons: Destinies Manifest

My 1st appearance on 20/20 Hip-Hop (Recharged Radio).. “KastOut” getting spins in the UK!

Check out most recent appearance on the UK’s own Recharged Radio (20/20 Hip-Hop Show)….

Pay For Play #608

For all my peers that are “Paying to play locally”…please listen close. Stop allowing promoters to do this shit to our culture and local scene. If no one pays for the slots then they have no market for that shit basic supply and demand as long as 3 to 5 cats are willing to pony up the paper they don’t give a shit what type of music is being played and thus our scene is watered down as hell. If you have the paper then I guess there are worse things you could spend money on but why not do something to strengthen the scene and in turn increase your returns. Remember you pay for your beats, your studio time, your pens and notebooks the phone bill you write your rhymes on, you pay for physical copies of albums , photo shoots, videos , showcases and many other expenses….. You shouldn’t have to pay to showcase your craft in today’s day and age when people are downloading all their music as opposed to buying it, shows are one of the few pure aspects of the culture that remain. Direct artist / fan interaction, yes you may have to pay as if your the artist putting on the show to rent the venue but know the cost’s do the research and keep those shady hands out of your pockets!!! Let’s make good music and circumvent the politics that profit off of both ends of the spectrum (when the scene is burgeoning their pockets are fat, when the scene is struggling they make $ off their access to “limited resources” . When hip-hop gets shut down in the city like it effectively had been for a few months it becomes a “favor” a “Privilege” to be able to perform , so small pay outs, drink tickets and non profit shows are all that’s offered then when we build back up to something respectable economically speaking they destroy and rebuild again. It’s up to us as the artists to break the cycle.

All of this is said with the understanding that there are times that paying for a show will be beneficial to the expansion of your fan base… those shows are few and far between and normally the spots don’t go to artists that are similar to the headliner but to the highest or first bidder.

Somebody has to put the money up and bank on risk this is understood, my motivation for this is more to get the artists to explore other grassroots measures like sponsors for example. The pay to play had zero to do with the lack of violence. Like I’ve said in the past I’ve been to many shows where nothing went wrong and it wasn’t pay to play. I know artists may feel more responsible for promo when they put there money up and have bracelets/tickets to sell to there own for fans and in return that should bring in a more dedicated crowd simply because the artist spent more time selling himself because HE HAD to. With that said it still isn’t right to charge struggling artists in a struggling scene but to each his own. If the artists would take more responsibility in managing their careers correctly it wouldn’t be an issue (take the time to self promote to bring in the crowd) they would make the music that would keep that shit from their shows, spit a message that was contrary to these primitive acts that occur but no they don’t. At the end of the day it’s coming out of someones pockets but if the frequency is the pay to play spot your talking about i’ll be there on the 30th and I didn’t pay for my slot so i’m not sure what differentiated that venue from the others in this instance.

(Source: facebook.com)